Technovation Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a contemporary and dynamic biopharmaceutical consulting and engineering firm that is on a trajectory of delivering innovative and affordable healthcare solutions in the Biosimilars and Vaccine Arena.

We work closely with leading organizations across the private and public sector in the Bio-Pharma vaccine arena all across the developing world. We have deep functional and industry expertise in the Bio-similar : vaccine space as well as breadth of geographical reach in the Rest of world regions and emerging markets. We are passionate about taking on huge challenges that matter to our clients and often to the developing world.

We work with our clients in building their capabilities in the Bio-similar : vaccine space at every level and every opportunity.

From the Directors Desk

One of the biggest challenges that we are facing is the cost of vaccines and Biopharmaceuticals which still puts a barrier for the common man to reach out. Technovation at every corner is persistently making an attempt to reach out to people of the developing world and also charging ahead to make products affordable, acceptable and accesible across the globe. While we are conscious of pursuing sustainable growth, we believe that we are also responsible for contributing to the society so as to deliver innovative and affordable healthcare solutions for mankind.

Right from the inception of Technovation we have been trying to provide a complete solution to the Biosimilars and Vaccine arena all across the developing world. The Presence of Biosimilars : Vaccines in today’s market’s would ensure a thriving growth tomorrow. Therefore, Entrepreneurs have to be Equipped with competency, Prevision and stratagem so as to turn their dreams of Biosimilars and Vaccines into a reality. That is what our attempt is at Technovation.

Perspective for our clients

Technovation is determined to capitalise on new opportunities and achieve the goal of providing futuristic growth for our clients operating in HealthCare industry for Biosimilars and Vaccines. We as an organisation realize and take up the responsibility of robust conceptualisation for flaw less execution to ensure a momentum of growth in the highly competitive global pharmaceutical market.

As far as Biosimilars and Vaccines are concerned, they are beyond doubt at the centre juncture of the global market in the healthcare arena. Thus increasing our portfolio with win-win collaborative models and alliances would enable us to become a world-class solution provider in the field of Biosimilars and Vaccines. We toil towards rising from our current position, thus developing a complete and strategic global framework for Biosimilars and Vaccines.

Technovation strongly believes, has constantly nurtured and practiced good corporate relationship through intelligibility, accountability and professionalism without being persuaded by the sands of time. We endeavour to accomplish all of our business activities and craft the best suited product infrastructure for our clients and achieve high credibility across the globe.

Section on Corporate governance :

We at Technovation are committed to maximize the wealth of its stakeholders with our principal motto of contributing sustainable growth to the society with transparency and responsibility.

In persistence with the above statement the company operates on predefined principles of corporate Governance through accountability, transparency and fairness in relationship with all its stakeholders. We firmly believe that this ally in a system protects the rights of its stakeholders and showers light at all the levels of business objectives.