Corporate Citizenship

Adding life to years & not just years to life

Here, at Technovation we add life to years and not just years to life as we are in a constant effort to make Biosimilar and the Vaccines easily accessible for the developing world at an affordable rate and further increasing the life expectancy in the years to come.

This is an initiative taken by Technovation for the developing world in terms of the high costs which is involved for the development of Biosimilars and Vaccines. The bottom line is that Novel Biosimilars and Vaccines are contemporary concepts involving higher product development cost, infrastructure cost , clinical development cost and a plethora of regulatory challenges that making it a ‘Not-So-Easy’ to venture into.

Technovation looks forward to in providing a platform that addresses the challenges got to do with the Biosilimar : Vaccine domain for Entrepreneurs where they will be endow with a complete health care solution in the field of Biosimilar and vaccines arena.