1. Conducting an objective customized region specific feasibility study with strategic advice for venture into Vaccine / Biosimilar space.
  2. Crafting the best fit product portfolio that gets dovetailed into facility and infrastructure planning with Prioritization based on ROI.
  3. Providing technology/products at various stages of development and commercialization through its vast network of technology providers and manufacturing companies
  4. Carrying out Conceptual, designs, Detailed engineering and facility commissioning as per :
    1. The Technology based process and basis of design. Capacity aligned to forecasts with specific URS.
    2. cGMP
    3. Guidelines for US-FDA, EMEA, MHRA , TGA Compliance
    4. BSL, OEL guideline adherence
    5. Maximiz Production campaigns to lower overheads.
  5. Facilitating conduct of Clinical trials, build up of data for dossiers as per CTD guidelines and product licensure.
  6. Enabling export through its vast network of business partners in more than 50 countries in the Rest of the world region and emerging markets.

How Do We Make It Happen?

Technovation Has A Robust Panel Of :

Based on the clients aspirations a customized 'Value for Money' based package is conceptualized and executed with precision.

For the client : To Minimize risk, stagger investment and enable better ROCE, THPL recommends a systematic backward integration for most of its projects.