Our Highly Experienced Scientific And Project Management Teams Ensure:

With experience in setting up fully integrated ‘Bench to Manufacturing’ facilities, M/s Technovation ensures a quick project turnaround time (TAT) and is capable of enabling full-scale manufacturing of Biosimilars and vaccines..

M.s Technovation is consistently able to meet and exceed all regulatory standards in its services as technology for products, processes and facilities for development and manufacturing.

Business Model of THPL

  1. In-license Products/Technology from sources of repute in the developing world.
  2. Conduct Potential assessment and feasibility mapping. (regulatory and business)
  3. Evaluate for the best fit customized business model for building sustainable business in each of the target countries.
  4. From its extensive network of local partners in each region select the best for the specific opportunity post a detailed due-diligence.
  5. Execute the business model (Turnkey + Technology) for a win-win situation of its principles and customers